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BAGNAIA - Villa Lante della Rovere

Villa Lante is considered a precious example of the 15th century architecture , enriched with its marvellous Italian gardens. It was built by cardinal De Gambara probably designed by Vignola.

Going through the gardens you discover pretty fountains, decorated ponds, waterfalls and many more exciting wonders by the Fontana del Deluvio, which is covered by luscious vegetation and runs the
lenght of the gardens. In the original progect there were supposed to be two villas, but only one was built in 1566 by cardinal Gambara.

Inside there are marvellous painted ceilings and precious stucci an frescos, some representing the Esta Villa, the Farnese Palace at Caprarola, the Palace of Capodimonte and Villa Lante in its original state.
The other Villa named Palazzina Montalto in the name of the cardinal that organized its construction was terminated in 1590 with frescos from various painters, and has an important painted ceiling.
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