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Bolsena, the roman volsinii, heir to the etruscan Velzna is set on the north east bank of the homonymous lake at the centre of the Volsini mountain group.
The medeival village, perfectly conserved is dominated by a castle with four towers, arected by the Orvietanni in the XIII- XIV century. It was conquered by romans in 264 BC and thanks to them, experienced a long period of splendour, partly thanks to the nearby Cassia, an important rouk of communication between Rome and Tuscany.
The Cassia however also favoured the passage of invaders who submitted the city to continous sackings until walls, when leaving the fude to the protection of the Monaldeschi della Cervara.

However the Monaldeschi were routed by the Bolsinesi because there were excessively prepitent and the citypassed from hand to hand of various aristocrats among which the De Medici, Under the guide of Giovanni De Medici, the city flourished, new palaces for the nobility were built and the urbes asset was amelorated. The city then passed on ot a daughter of Paolo III Farnese, under when Bolsena finally reached the state of peace which only the Farnese managed to produce after centuries of bloodshed.
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