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BOMARZO - The monster's Park

In the heart of the Tuscia Laziale, just a few kilometers from Viterbo we find Bomarzo, an ancient etruscan setting. The town is better known because of its unusual nearby monster park, rather than for its renaissance Orsini Palace.

The Prince a great connoisseut of distant culture and artistic expressions from different origins, had the park built, also named the ‘Sacret Forest’ around the middle of 1500. He anticipated a fashion which was to come in later times. He wanted stately parks full of fountains with surprises and water games, and he decidely went counter current when he ordered the park decorations.

So it is possible to bump into a gigantic figure holding a person between its legs, or inside a guge turtle, a musical figure and many other statues which inspire visitors to come and see this ancient lost legend. The park soon became forgotton until another eccentric Salvador Dalì re discovered it in 1938.
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