:: Farmhouse with swimming pool, riding horse and tennis court on the Bolsena Lake, at the border of Latium, Umbria and Tuscany ::

CAPRAROLA - Palazzo Farnese

Set a few more then soon above sea level immersed in the nature park of Monte Cimini, a zone definded as the ‘Mini Swizterland of Lazio’. Caprarola is a dominating palace built in the 16th century by the nobel and powerul Farnese family. The name Caprarola derived from caprai (goatherders) which at the time took their herds to pasture in the area.

The commune exhibit proof of human presence dating back to the Paleolithic, remains on mount Venere with Etruscan and Roman style tombs in the Barcher area which indicate the presence of Etruscans until the dominatin of Rome, as shown by the ruins of ancient villas dating back to the imperial period.
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