:: Farmhouse with swimming pool, riding horse and tennis court on the Bolsena Lake, at the border of Latium, Umbria and Tuscany ::


A panoramic city situated on a hill, crowned by a dome, dominating lake Bolsena. It is on important agricultural centre, famous for its wine and holiday resorts. One of the most important monuments is the S. Flaviano church, built in the 12th century but on even older foundations, carried out by lombard masters.

The dome (S. Margherita) a solemn construction which was started in the renaissance time attributed to Michele SanMicheli (1519) and continued in the second half of 600 by Carlo Fontana who raised the famous dome. The Rocca dei Papi, probably of etruscan origin later fortefied by the romans, gave hospitality to Popes and Cardinals.

In 1506 Giulio II ordered Antonio from Mugello to make some changes giving the Rocca elegance and grace, creating a cultural centre. Every year in August the wine festival takes place, accompanied by a historic procession, which tells the legend of the nobel german Johannes Fugger, who was on holiday in Rome, and died in 1113 after drinking a little too much Est Est Est wine.
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