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The happy topographic position, between the sea, the lake of Bolsena and the interior, where they were to converge different streets, made of Tuscania one of the largest cities in the Lucumone of Tarquinia.
The town was on the hill of S. Peter the dominant Marta; many small villages around the giving rise to many necropolis.

His story unfolds from the end of the century. a.C. to the Roman Empire with greater prosperity in the first course of the sixth and again in IV - III century. a.C. even when using the commercial opportunities offered by the passage of Consular Clodia, enhances agriculture and became the center of craft to produce in nenfro figured sarcophagi and terracotta.

Numerous and rich in monuments of the necropolis always kind with rock tombs, even in more environments, carved and decorated in the sixth century, with major hypogeous gentilizi filled with sarcophagi (Vipinana, 27, Statlane, 50, Ätna, Curuna) in IV - III sec. a.C. The most important are those of Peschiera with a large mound and the tomb of Dado (VI cent. BC).
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